Board’s Open Projects, April 2018

Since the beginning of our Interim Board year, we have been collecting the concerns of our members.  This list has been in the forefront of our working board meetings as well as new issues as they crop up.  Here’s the list of those remaining and the estimated completion date, if applicable.

  • Guard Shack/House (Gate House):  Insurance inspection demands this building be repaired to continue being part of our insurance policy.  Currently under construction by our maintenance team and volunteers.
  • Water drainage problem, across the road from the POA Office building.  A new ditch has been dug – being tested as it rains to ensure the water drainage is no longer continuing to go into the maintenance area behind the building.
  • Flag Poles:  When the front entrance was created in the 1970’s, 9 flag poles were erected – one for the US flag and 8 others to represent the states of current owners.  All flag poles will be cut down, the best 3 will be cleaned, primed and repainted and erected where the current US flag pole is located.  The remaining flag poles will be stored and reused as seen fit for other projects.  Estimated completion date:  June 1st.
  • Road Signs:  Through donations and the direction of the Firewise Committee, new traffic signs have been purchased (stop, yield, caution, s-curves, etc.).  These new signs are starting to go up – completion date is NLT May 11th.
  • Nominations Committee:  I know we’re late in selecting a new Nominations Committee – we now have volunteers to assist Pine Mountain in getting this ball rolling.
  • Golf Scoreboard:  We have a scoreboard located next to the Golf Pro Shop that isn’t really being used.  It’s been suggested to relocate this board next to the Pavilion.  The board information will be divided in half — one half to display the current golf tournament scores and the other half to display Firewise information pertinent to all Pine Mountain landowners.

Thank you!

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