2019-2020 Voting

Voting:  Your vote matters – in so many ways…

It’s imperative that each new fiscal year – a new set of goals and expectation are created from the annual Membership Meeting, held in June.  This serves two purposes.  1.  Provides a guideline of where and how the board will proceed throughout the year while the annual assessment dictates all the costs involved.  2.  Demonstrates to the members what is to come, possibly how and when items will be accomplished, reports on how challenging these items/goals became and the actual cost that was involved.

  • Board of Directors:  Majority of Member’s votes
  • IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604: Majority of Member’s votes
  • Online Voting:  Majority of the Board of Directors
  • Public Utility / Selling Pine Mountain Water:  it takes 51% of all eligible voters to pass

In an effort to help members understand the details of “Selling Pine Mountain Water” – a detailed article has been provided.

We have 3 positions now available on our Board of Directors.  If you want to be an active participant in the continuation of helping Pine Mountain – please do not hesitate to let us know!!

Please provide:

  1. A short bio of who you are, what you can provide Pine Mountain as a Board Member, any committees or other activities you have provided Pine Mountain
  2. A photo to be used for our Online Voting ballots.

For you viewing pleasure: Board of Directors Guidelines, Agreement and Ethics

Thank you!!!


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