About Pine Mountain News

Pine Mountain News was created to provide Pine Mountain POA, Inc. Members current and applicable information on Board decisions that have a direct effect on anything Pine Mountain POA, Inc., Burke County, North Carolina.  News, Information, Board Meetings, Financial Reports and more can be found on our Members Only page.

Pine Mountain Estates Facebook Group allows Pine Mountain members an opportunity to have direct communication about their interests, pictures, animal sightings, items for sale, invitations, imminent weather warnings, and more that may have a direct impact on our community.  If you are new to our Facebook Group, please read “Welcome to Pine Mountain Estates.”

PMPOA Members can find information on Board decisions (minutes & financial reports), gate codes, a listing of contractors that will service our area and more on our secure Members Only page.

News Update – here is a brief overview of pages or links that contains more detailed information on current issues.  This section has been dedicated to items of interest to our members.

Our Newsletter has been converted to an e-Newsletter that can provide you with a wider scope of everything Pine Mountain POA.  Paper Newsletters is looking for an Editor to take over.  The paper version will be sent to those who do not have computers or email services, of course – paper version copies will be available through the POA Office.  You can sign up for the e-Newsletter through PineMountainNC.com.

Thank you!


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  1. Linda Weeks says:

    I think this is great.

  2. Denise Dawsey says:


  3. ranru2016 says:

    This is a great beginning Wanda!

  4. K.D. Hovis says:

    Wanda thank you!

  5. Kim H. says:

    One day, as more and more members have access to digital formats, the paper Newsletter could probably be phased out. The website gives up to the date news for members. Love the metamorphosis! Thanks again!

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