Did You Know…

Welcome to a new series to assist you in understanding what you/we can and cannot do according to our governing documents.  How the Members have rights that the board cannot deny.  NC has statutes to ensure our board governs our community with the community’s best interest in mind.  The board has responsibilities to ensure members follow the rules for the betterment of all (property and members).  And so much more.

The following short synopsis’ of a ruling will include where it can be found.  You should never – ever follow what someone else tells you what’s in the rules… you should know for yourself what the rules state and where to find them.

As with any of the “Did You Know…” briefs, you are given reference of its location (document; section) – use it.

Let’s begin.

  1. Our community is run through a group of governing documents that provide rules and rights to the Members and the Board of Directors.  These documents are:
    1. Articles of Incorporation (Sec of State) – The foundation of the organization
    2. Covenants and Restrictions – with Amendments incorporated – Set of rules used the “property” of Pine Mountain
    3. By-Laws Feb 9, 2019 – Used to organize internal management to outline the policies & responsibilities for the board of directors and the “people” of Pine Mountain
    4. NC GS-47f Articles 1-3 – State level to provide certain rights for property owners in planned communities
    5. NC GS-55A – Also known as NC Nonprofit Corporation Act – how to maintain Pine Mountain POA in accordance with NC laws.
    6. Robert’s Rules of Order – A manual that governs organizations with a Board of Directors, i.e. used to conduct meetings, minutes, members, etc.
  2. The above list of documents is the foundation of how Pine Mountain conducts business.

Topics to Discuss:  (Announcements will be made on Facebook when a new topic has been added.)

  1. Board Responsibilities
  2. Member Responsibilities
  3. Corporation Documents
  4. Finance/Budget
  5. Meetings
  6. Voting is Your Voice
  7. (And More) – suggestions/ideas of what you want to see

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