While we enjoy all aspects of nature in and around Pine Mountain, we cannot let our guard down and not be prepared for the possibility of a wildfire.  The fire of 2016 that took out 6,000 acres and came within 1 mile of Pine Mountain became a real wake-up call for all the residents here.  Through training, preparations, and dedication Pine Mountain is a Firewise USA Community recognized by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

What does this mean for ME???

First, it means that you can contact your insurance company is obtain a percentage off – great news, huh?

Second, it means you need to take care of your property to maintain/keep it safe:  Click to download your FIREWISE ACTIVITIES TIMESHEET.   For your Home Ignition Zone Structure Guide download.

  • Remove trees, brush, grass from around your structures
  • Clean gutters of pine needles and other debris.  Clean rooftops and clear away anything flammable from within 3-feet of the base of all structures
  • Remove tree limbs that are less than 6-10 feet from the ground (around structures)
  • Replace shake-shingle roofs with a non-flammable alternative

When a Wildfire Threatens:

  1. Be sure gutters, roofs and valleys are clear of leaves and dead branches.
  2. Remove combustible materials – lawn furniture, doormats, garden accessories, and tarps, etc. from decks around the house.
  3. Close attic, basement, pet doors, vents, and windows.
  4. Remove flammable drapes from windows; close shutters and blinds.
  5. Connect garden hoses and fill large containers with water inside and outside.
  6. Wet down vegetation within 30-feet of your home.
  7. Leave doors and windows unlocked; disconnect garage door opener for Firefighter access.
  8. Shut off natural gas, propane, or fuel oil supplies at the source.
  9. Evacuate early with valuable papers.

Keep an eye out on Pine Mountain’s Facebook page for all Firewise activities.

Don’t hesitate to check on your neighbor – they may need help!