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Welcome to Pine Mountain Estates News Update.  Here you will be able to get the latest information if you’re not on Facebook and don’t want to wait until the quarterly newsletter.  Happy Reading!

Leaning Tower Leak

On July 23, 2018, our water tank known as the “Leaning Tower” sprung a leak along a rusty seam.  Due to our wonderful residents, a home made DIY has either slowed down or stopped the leak.  😉  We are doing our research and due process in getting this tank repaired or replaced.  So see all actions to date, go to:  Leaning Tower.

Public Utility Application

Pine Mountain was put into a situation, a few years ago, to protect our water & sewer system from being sold and controlled by an outside source.  In order to maintain our own system – through the efforts of Glenn Cline and others, the process of officially becoming a Public Utility company, Pine Mountain is diligently following the guidance of the Public Staff.  To read more details, see Public Utility. or go Application.

Up & Coming – Events for 2018-2019

Ever wonder what’s happening around Pine Mountain?  Not all information is being posted on the entrance Bulletin Board.  So, we’re making an attempt to put up notices here in case you don’t get out much, LOL.  See Up & Coming.  (The reason this page is ‘protected’ is due to personal home addresses.)

Board’s Open Projects, April 2018

Since July 2017, the Interim Board has gathered the concerns of our members.  While a lot of these issues have been addressed and solved, there are still some additional issues currently in the works.  This will give you a synopsis of where we stand with some of those issues, please visit:  Board’s Open Projects

Firewise Committee Update

Ruth Robertson, Firewise Committee Secretary, has provided a wonderfully written update concerning our grant efforts, NFPA standings and the up and coming fund raising event scheduled for May.  Please view Firewise Committee Meeting for details.

New Draft By-Laws

Pine Mountain’s Members have known for years, we’ve been over due in updating our governing documents.  This has been a topic of discussion since we moved here.  Now, the day has finally arrived where we now have something to present, discuss and vote on at our next board meeting (March 10th).  To view the proposed new By-Laws, please go to:  New By-Laws

Update:  During the Board Meeting questions came up that require an answer from our Board Lawyer.  This topic will resume at a later date.

Archived Documents

If you’re looking for Board Meeting Minutes and Financial Reports from 2017, please see Archived Documents page.

Conjoining Lots

One of the most anticipated acts some members have been looking for is – authorized conjoining lots on Pine Mountain.  Now, in an effort to assist members in combining their lots to make it easier to build on or to sell or even take out some additional hassels, The Pine Mountain Board of Directors has not only approved conjoining PM property lots (which must be verified with documentation from Burke County) but now has a financial formula for dues.  To see how this works – please see Conjoining Lots.

Mountain Trails

Pine Mountain and South Mountains State Park intertwine with trails, rivers, trees, great views and more.  If you’re one to walk, bike or hike nature trails – Pine Mountain and South Mountains State Park are the remnants of the much larger Appalachian Mountains, separated by the Catawba River vallen.  The range covers approximately 100,000 acres in four North Carolina counties.  To get a glimpse of the trails available within South Mountains State Park, click Trails.  To acquire what’s happening within South Mountains State Park, visit their Facebook page for details.

Mid-Year Review of the Interim Board

It’s always essential to step back and see where you are so you can determine where you stand on accomplishing your “To Do List.”  During the two Special Members Meetings held in 2017 – the members present provided us with all the items they felt this board needed to address immediately.  In this posting, those items are listed and where the Board stands on each items.  These listing are then followed up with the Board’s Open Items list.  These lists allow you to review and see what has been completed, how much is left “To Do” and other items the Board finds important to accomplish for the benefit of Pine Mountain and its owners.  See Mid-Year Review for details.

Going Digital

Effective July 1st, Pine Mountain will be sending out all invoices and correspondence via email.  This will cut some of our operating costs by hundreds of dollars if not thousands.  Please make sure all your contact information is current and up to date by contacting the POA Office.  In an effort to securely pass along gate codes, see Members Only page under Interest Items.

Policies, Guidelines and Forms

Pine Mountain is long overdue for continuity in the way of doing business.  It’s been found the “instructions” for each area came in the form of notes, pieces of paper, a paragraph from a NC Governing Statute or a blur from the Covenants & Restrictions.  Change is happening — formality, continuity, uniformity and basic standard of practice.  So far, two policies have been approved: 1) Collections and Enforcement.  These can be viewed with their attached forms on Members Only.

Having Problems Signing-In on Protected Pages?

While there’s a lot of general information available about Pine Mountain, there’s a small amount of information that really isn’t interesting for anyone other than a Pine Mountain Member.  Those pages are “protected” with a password.  If you’re a Pine Mountain Member/Property Owner – and you do not have the password, please contact the POA Office during normal business hours.

Members Only Page

Members Only is just that.  Pine Mountain Members Only page contains membership information not available to the public.  Info such as:  Telephone Directory, Listing of Contractors, Monthly Meeting Minutes, Monthly Financial Reports and governing documents.  What’s coming is meeting recordings… so stay tuned.  😉

Firewise Community

The Firewise Community Program is designed to educate and give guidance to wooded residential areas to prevent loss of homes and property to wildfires.  Each home in Pine Mountain is expected to complete a Firewise Home Assessment for the purpose of reducing the probability of a wildfire loss.  For details, see Firewise.

Pine Mountain Disaster Planning

When facing an emergency or disaster that may put your home/property in danger, the last thing you need to do is panic about what to do.  Please visit Pine Mountain Disaster Planning for facts, action plans, safety kits, emergency systems, etc.  Stay informed, Be Safe!

Pine Mountain Information Disbursement:

Pine Mountain has been growing leaps and bounds with disbursing information to its members.  To ensure you are receiving information properly, the following sites have been set up for your convenience:

  • Pine Mountain’s Official website: is open to the public for all general information about Pine Mountain and its Golf Course.
  • Pine Mountain’s Facebook Group:  Pine Mountain Estates, NC is where neighbors can openly communicate with their neighbors on animal sightings, social gatherings, announcements, various issues of concern, etc.
  • Pine Mountain’s News website: is where detailed information about what’s happening within the community that every member needs to know.


Open communication and current news is vital to any community.  If you have news that needs to be announced, please do not hesitate to contact Wanda Merical at  Thank you!!!

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