New Members

It can always be a bit difficult to move into a new neighborhood especially a gated one – there’s so much to learn (how do I do this, when do I do that, etc.) and any attempt to learn it all at once is beyond comprehension.  Who expects that?  Well, your neighbors do.

This is why you have a page – just for you!  This page is designed with the newbie in mind.  What you need to know, when you’re supposed to know it and how to find stuff.

So, let’s take a journey… just the two of us:

Monthly Events:

  1.  Board Meetings:  Second Saturday, at the POA Office, 10:00 am
  2.  Invoices (dues).  Please read the fine print – there you will find information about website passwords, dates and other useful information.

Annual Events:

  1.  Spring:  Meet Thy Neighbor Party disguised as a “Murder Mystery Party”
  2.   Fall/Autumn:  POA Picnic – the POA provides meat and drinks, members are asked to bring a dish.  Usually happens the 2nd weekend of October at the Pavilion (across from the POA office between the golf parking lot and children’s park).
  3.  Winter:  “Christmas Open House” our second Meet Thy Neighbor Party on Christmas Day to prevent anyone from being alone on Christmas Day.  Bring a Dish is requested, not required.  An announcement will be on our Facebook page, the bulletin board at the front entrance and usually, signs are placed at each gate entrance a week before.

General Information:

Become very familiar with Pine Mountain Rules and Guidelines!  Know what is expected of you and your rights.  These documents can be located on the “Members” page.  (This page is protected with a password – that can be located on your invoice.)

  • Covenants and Restrictions
  • By-Laws
  • Handbooks and Guidelines

Also on the “Members” page – you’ll find:

  • Gate Codes
  • A listing of all contractors willing to travel the distance
  • Member’s Phone Listing
  • Board Meeting Minutes
  • Financial Reports