Member Responsibilities

As a member of Pine Mountain Property Owners Association, you have a number of responsibilities.  They are:

Paying Annual & Special Assessments:

Maintaining rights of Membership and Associate Membership through payment of annual and special assessments levied by the Association.  (By-Laws Article III, Sections 6 & 7; NC GS 47F-3-115, NC GS 55A-13-02)  (Note: non-payment of assessments by any lot owner will constitute a loss in Membership and Associate Membership rights – another topic.)

Member in Good Standing (definition):  Any person or entity who is obligated to the association, whose rights are not in suspension due to delinquency and/or any other disciplinary action according to the governing documents.  (By-Laws, Article III, Section 3)

Members Rights and Privileges:  Rights and privileges include but not limited to:  serving as a Board of Director’s member, Committee member, voting, purchase of any PM property, play golf as a member, access to the common area, but not being limited to water and sewer systems.  Any member, entity, and/or owner of any PM property that fails to pay and/or abide by any of the Pine Mountain Property Owner’s Association, Inc. governing documents may lose some or all their rights and privileges at the Board of Director’s discretion.

What do Assessments contain? (C&R Part 2, Articles 1-3)

  1. Water and Sewer System costs (construction & maintenance)
  2. Association operation, taxes, and other expenses
  3. Ways of access for vehicles
  4. Golf course & recreational facilities or amenities
  5. Capital improvements (approved by a vote of the members)
  6. Special Assessments (1-year plan for improvement)

Voting (Rights) Memberships:  Members shall be all those persons or entities as defined in Pine Mountain’s By-Laws.  Members shall be entitled to one vote per PMPOA unit of PM property.  When more than one person holds such interest(s) in any Unit of PM Property, the vote for such Unit of PM Property shall be exercised as they shall determine; provided, however, that in no event shall more than one vote be cast with respect to any such Unit of PMPOA Property. (By-Laws, Article I, Section 11; Article IV, Section 1)  For more information about Voting, see Voting is Your Voice.

Obligation to pay Assessment Dues:

By accepting a deed or certificate of ownership of any lot within the boundaries of Pine Mountain, POA, Inc. shall be deemed to covenant and agree to pay the association’s annual assessments or charges. (Collections Policy)  Annual assessments are dependent on the Annual Budget created by the Board’s Treasurer.

What happens to a lot owner that decides not to pay Assessment Dues?

  1. Any member that becomes delinquent in paying their dues will lose all their rights as a Member In Good Standing:
    1. Voting rights
    2. Water/sewer rights
    3. Golf course, recreational facilities, and amenities
  2. The Association will start a collection process against the lot owner starting with a hearing, then filing a lean and eventually lead to a foreclosure process where the individual will lose their property completely.

What happens to all the other lot owners that pay their Assessment Dues?

Lot owners that pay their dues will see an increase to cover the cost of those that refuse to pay.  (An unfair system but necessary to sustain the Association.)

We have well-meaning lot owners that want the best for Pine Mountain, best for their land – their home.  Paying members demand to know how much is owed by those who are refusing to pay.  They want explanations as to why their dues are constantly on the rise.  If they become unsatisfied, they move -leaving the troubles behind for someone else.

Members move here willing to pay their share – not their share plus everyone else’s share too.  That’s not fair to anyone.