Welcome to Pine Mountain Property Owners Association, North Carolina – a small space of nature’s heaven for those that live here.  Located next door to South Mountains State Park, we have the serenity of nature and a lot of her animals living amongst us.

Real Estate:  Pine Mountain is actually divided into two different sections – Single Family Homes and Townhouses.  If you’re interested in finding out how to purchase a piece of property, home or a townhouse a local realtor or real estate website can show availability.  For building and/or expanding on your property, please consult with the Pine Mountain Environmental Control Guidelines.

Surrounding / Local Area:  Whether you live here or not, Hickory, Morganton, Lincolnton, and Shelby have a ton of activities to keep you busy.  The beauty in this area is astonishing.

Pine Mountain POA:  Is a gated mountain community nestled in the same mountain as South Mountains State Park, just south of Morganton, NC.  We have approximately 1,200 lots and 27 miles of roads.

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