Corporation Documents

In addition to the “governing documents” of Pine Mountain, we have a list of additional guidelines to help assist matters within the community to flow smoother to ensure the interest of Pine Mountain, POA, Inc. is maintained in the highest regard.  These corporation documents are:

  1. Board of Directors Guidelines, Agreement, and Ethics.  Consisting of both Instructional Guidelines and Forms.  Each year, with the start of a new Board, members should become aware of and understand the consequences within the BoD Policies Guidelines Manual.   The forms should be signed with each new board member.  Forms are “Board Member Agreement to Serve” and “Code of Ethics for Board Members.”
  2. Collections Policy, letters, and forms.  Contains Step-by-Step Procedures for collecting Unpaid Dues/Assessments.
  3. POA Covenant & Rule Enforcement Policy.  Contains enforcement action and monetary penalties for individuals not in compliance with Pine Mountain POA, Inc. governing documents.
  4. Pine Mountain Definition Booklet.  Words used in any guideline, handbook, policy, amendments, supplements, references, procedures, etc.
  5. Employee Handbook October 2018.  Contains manual, policies, benefits, and guidelines for Pine Mountain POA, Inc. employees.
  6. Pine Mountain Environmental Control Guidelines.  Policies and procedures according to Pine Mountain POA, Inc. Covenants and Restrictions.
  7. 2021 Members Handbook.  Welcomes new Pine Mountain POA Members, provides general and contact information.
  8. Voting Guidelines.  The voting process as described within Pine Mountain POA, Inc. governing documents.
  9. Complaint Form: If any member has a complaint, by filling out this form and dropping it off at the office – it should be logged in, delivered to the appropriate committee and/or board director for review and response.