Pine Mountain – What’s to come…as of Nov 2018

It’s always important to be able to look forward to the future, whether it’s for yourself, for others or even our community.  To provide you with a peak into what’s to come… here are a few of the exciting and not so exciting things we’re expecting to happen within the next 6-months:

Toys for Tots Golf Tournament:  The US Marine’s Toys for Tots Foundation had accepted Pine Mountain Golf as an official Corporate Sponsor.  Our Golf Course has received recognition every year for the most collected cash and toys for the Toys for Tots program.  Please help us keep up the tradition, so don’t forget to stop by to make your donation.

Christmas Day Open House:  Each year Wanda and Gary open their home up to Pine Mountain members on Christmas Day.  Living several years in Europe, it was heartbreaking to see individuals and small families alone on such an emotional day.  Please join in on the fun, food and conversation with your neighbors by joining us.  Door open at 2pm and close when you leave.  Stay 5 min or a few hours, choice is yours.  Address will be posted on Facebook.  See you there.

Winter Safety:  Sometimes it’s difficult to convince the flat land folks what it’s like to live in the mountains.  They’re jealous when the weather’s nice but never think about how dangerous it can be in the cold ice/snow of Winter.  Check your vehicle’s tires, oil and braking systems and run it through a good winter maintenance check.  When the roads are covered with ice & snow and it’s too dangerous to get out – we close the office and stay bundled up in front of the fireplace till it melts.  😉  Not every day, but on the too dangerous to get out days.  Make sure your friends, co-workers, bosses, etc. know you’ll be doing the same.  While our roads do get cleared faster than the county roads – you need to ensure your safety no matter who’s road you’re on.  Better safe than sorry.

Items on the Board’s To Do List include:

  • Road Signs:  Road signs were purchased this past Spring…we’re hoping to have these all up where they belong before next Spring.  😉
  • Flag Poles:  You may have noticed several flag poles growing in the trees – these were originally put up to represent each US State of the founding residents of Pine Mountain.  Now, 50 years later – we don’t need these flag poles.  We’re working with the Construction & Maintenance Committee to remove these poles and put up 3 (1 tall (approx 30 ft.) and 2 not so tall (approx 25 ft.) poles in front of the mailboxes.  Naturally the US Flag will be on the tall center pole and on the shorter poles will be the NC State Flag and a newly designed Pine Mountain flag.
  • Golf Scoreboard:  Amongst the trees, next to the Golf Pro Shop, there’s a Golf Scoreboard not being utilized to its greatest capacity.  The plan is to move it next to the Pavilion where half of it can maintain tournament scores and the other half for Pine Mountain announcements and/or rules for the Pavilion and children’s park.
  • Governing Documents:  Finalize and approve the remaining guidelines and policies already in place, plus continue creating PM Office Procedures until we will have a smooth transition in office personnel.
  • Annual Assessment:  The annual review of our expenditures and repair plans.  This review may or may not have an impact on our membership dues.
  • Covenants & Restrictions:  Each time we discuss word meanings, townhouses, Village Commons, construction, maintenance and other operations around Pine Mountain – we can’t help but identify how out of touch our C&Rs are.  For example:  we do NOT have an official Village Commons as indicated within the C&Rs and from an impromptu meeting with a few of the residents that live there, they can’t afford it, there’s not enough members to have a Village Commons Board of Directors, the list goes on and on.  With any luck and a prayer, we will be including a vote on deleting the Village Commons area within the C&Rs, change and update the wording of what to call the various buildings within the Village Commons (Townhouse) area and/or their definitions and explain who is responsible for what area and totally incorporate them with PM POA like everyone else.
  • Strategic Plan:  Consistency.  Planning for our Future.  Focus.  Move Forward.  We have been discussing creating a Strategic Plan that will show/indicate our goals with objectives to forecaste how we plan on achieving these steps within the next 3 to 5-years.  This is a detailed process – very time consuming and we will be needing assistance.  When the time is right, we’ll be asking if any of our members would like to participate in the process.  If you’d like to help – it should be Spring when we’ll be seeking you out.

Annual Voting and Elections:  Each year we have an elections process where Board members leave the board and the members vote in replacements.  This year, because of events that occurred in the past year – positions of two board members will be up for election.  Because they only held the position for 1 year, they are eligible to run again for election, if they choose.  We will be making an announcement when its time to accept all nominations and get this process started.  Stay tuned.

Spring Meet Thy Neighbor Event:  Murder Mystery come at the end of April.  Watch for the announcements.

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