Board of Director’s 6-Month Progress Report – 2018

It’s so important to stay focused with our goals because if we don’t, we can lose sight of what’s important, what we want to accomplish and continue doing what is best for our Mountain.  Here’s what’s happened in the last 6-months – if you missed it.  What you’ll find here:

  • Finances
  • Online Payments – for Dues/Invoices
  • Water/Sewer Systems
  • Public Utility Application
  • Mailboxes
  • Security Gates
  • Vehicles/Equipment
  • Governing Documents
  • Employee Payroll

Finances:  Through evaluations, stopping late fees, filing on-time, review of expenditures, acquiring unpaid dues, etc. we have reversed and revised our spending from being $76,000 in the Red to $12,000 in the Black.  That’s a total of $88,000 turn around.

Online Payments:  Through our website, under the “Office” tab, we are able to accept payments online.  You have several payment options available:  Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal and e-check.  Once payment has been made, our office is notified immediately that payment has been received.  It’s always exciting to move closer to modern technology, lol.

Water – Leaning Tower:  We’re still in the process of repairing our Leaning Tower tank and system to include a bypass connector that will allow us to continue providing water to residents while the tank is being repaired.  We’ve contacted an engineer to design our bypass requirements so we can hire the right contractor to create and install.

Water – Twin Towers:  There’s nothing worse than losing water on the eve of Thanksgiving Day.  As it turns out – we had a conglomerate of system failures that included several elements: power pump, electrical and the air compressor.  It was tough but through determination, we had the water flowing again within 24-hours.  All the elements have been identified and plans have been made for repairs to prevent this from happening again!

Public Utility Application:  As most know, we’ve been diligently working on an application to become our own Public Utility Company.  We have just entered into our 3rd extension because we have to include all the costs involved in our water and sewer repairs and maintenance.

Sewer Treatment:  If you didn’t know, the Jacob Fork creek that runs alongside our sewage treatment center – the bank is breaking away – and it’s obvious that this has been happening for quite some time.  But it’s at a point the State has stepped in and demand we fix it.  The area is so large, to prevent the bank from eroding away any further, we need large boulders, concrete blocks almost anything that will stay put that’s larger than a dining room table and chairs.  One of our Board members has contact with some road and construction companies that might be able to assist with ‘free’ debris.  But if anyone knows of something that can and will help, please let us know as soon as possible.  (Write to:

Pine Mountain Maintenance:  Our Construction & Maintenance Committee has identified several items, buildings, roofs, roads, trees, bridges, flag poles, etc. that are in dire need of attention.  Through a projected budget and detailed planning – these items will receive the attention they deserve.

Mailboxes for Residents:  With the new growth on Pine Mountain, we have several families without a mailbox at our front entrance.  Through the extensive help of a member and the Maintenance Committee – we now have 3 new mailbox stands.  One has been installed and waiting for a new rear locking mechanism that will secure the mail.  We’re estimating the 10+ families waiting will have a mailbox before Christmas.

Vehicles:  We have discovered our Work Truck and Dump Truck required a lot of work.  This included brakes, pads, axle seals, tires and more.  We’re proud to say the brakes have been fixed, tires were ordered and/or have been replaced.  They’ll be going through a good cleaning and organizing of parts and tools and winter maintenance checks to ensure our vehicles are winterized and ready.

Chipper/Shredder:  The Construction & Maintenance Committee is taking our Chipper in for a long overdue maintenance check.  Once maintenance is completed, individuals will be trained on proper procedures.  When ready, our members will be notified when and where to provide yard debris for chipping and mulch pick-up.

Security Gates:  As many of you know, our security gates operate with a motherboard that goes out too frequently.  With a recent inspection, our gating systems have been operating without being properly secure or within safety requirements.  Currently, our ‘Main” gate is left open because we cannot continue to find the required parts for it’s operations.  We’ve contacted several companies, in the local area, requesting quotes that will enable us to upgrade our system.  Our key requirements include but not limited to: keeping our current remote system, key pad placed at a convenient level from car/truck driver’s window and no limitations on the number of users.  Once we locate all our requirements, the other gates will undergo the same process only at later dates.

Annual Assessment:  Experienced residents understand that we are required to create an updated estimate of our expenditures on an annual basis.  This process has already started.  If you belong to a committee that has not submitted your expected costs for 2019/2020, please do so immediately by emailing the office at  

Governing Documents, Policies, Procedures:  It is vital that we keep our procedures in compliance with Federal, State, County and Pine Mountain, POA, Inc. documents.  But this does not prevent us from conducting updates to meet with the times.  It’s also important to write and maintain office and operating procedures, committee guidelines, handbooks and plans to enable continuity with change of personnel in all areas.  To date we have completed:  Disaster Preparedness Planning, Member’s Handbook, Employees Handbook, Collections Policy and Covenant & Rule Enforcement Policy.  In progress is:  Pine Mountain By-Laws update, Board of Directors Guidelines, Environmental Control Guidelines and a book on Definitions.

Office Organization:  We discovered the office files, throughout the years, have undergone several different ways of filing documents… this has been a complete disaster in locating crucial files in preparing our Public Utility application and other items of interest.  Therefore the files are undergoing a major restructure to be filed by subject/topic (not by date or company).  Original documents from the creation of Pine Mountain and our structure systems will remain in tact… all others (billing, receipts, etc. will be scanned and shredded to clear up some floor space.  We’ve also located a lot of floppies (different sizes) most of which cannot be viewed due to their size (those computers are extent and no longer available).

Employee Payroll:  Completing Employee Payroll has been a very long, multi-program process for many years.  It was also set up to have their paychecks in their bank account by the following Tuesday.  All of this has changed.  The payroll process has been streamlined into a simple, few minutes per week process and the employees now get paid the following Friday – thus eliminating a guessing game on how many hours they would be working throughout the weekend.

Golf Carts:  Under our new contract, the new ‘almond’ color carts are in a lease to own agreement.  This will be decreasing our Golf expenses over just a few short years.  But our agreement still includes – if we need additional carts to handle large tournament, they will provide them with no additional costs.  A big Yeah all around.

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