Pine Mountain Leaning Tower

Situation:  A small water leak started on July 23rd along a rusty welded seam on the Leaning Tower – a 29,600 gallon tank.  This tower is located on our main drive, up the mountain, just past the gate – on the right.

Research:  Recently the State Inspectors stated we had to replace the tank within this year – but after speaking with them, they stated if the tank can be repaired – as long as it’s done correctly, they will approve it.  We’ve spoken with 9 different manufacturers, the County, auctioneers and a refurbish company (Southern Corrosion).  Southern Corrosion Water Tank Care Proposal, April 2017  (Keep in mind, the prices indicated on this proposal are out of date – expect an increase of 3%.

Estimates:  So far – we have received information from one company stating it will take 12 weeks to build us a 20,000 gallon tank at $38k (just for the tank).  This price does not include transportation, repair to the tank floor, hook-up, parts to connect to our current system, etc.  All others thought to build tanks have stated – they don’t make them that big, they no longer provide that service, we don’t do that, etc.

On-Site-Visits:  As of today – we have not had anyone contacted on this matter come out.  They have all been invited – we have to fit into their schedule.

State Inspector:  We have been given a diagram of the Water System Approval Process (plus all their forms) required by the state of North Carolina.  Plan_Review_Flow_Chart

Finances:  All things dealing with dollars is on everyone’s mind.  How are we going to pay for this?  How much will it cost in the long run?  Who’s responsible for funding?  How are we going to pay back …?

  • The Bank has agreed to help us!  This was one of our first steps in this process – to verify we can acquire the funds.
  • Every Pine Mountain Member is responsible for all Pine Mountain property, equipment, assets, etc.  The water tanks are no different.  Pine Mountain’s water system belongs to Pine Mountain POA, Inc. – therefore, it is the responsibility of each member to help fund replacements, upgrades, improvements, etc.
  • Member’s Vote:  The other question is – do the members have the right to vote on this project?  No.  This is an emergency situation – a must have – which does not require a vote of the members.  If we were looking at improving the roof on the POA building (which would be beneficial in the long run but also provide increased property value) – because it is not an emergency, but an improvement – a 51% member approval would be required.
  • How much will this cost the Members?  Right now, we only guessing – because we don’t have all the facts.  We haven’t made a decision on new vs refurbish or even which company to hire.  So let’s do an estimate:  If we had to borrow $XX,000 over a 10-year period of time – and we were able to pay $7,200 a year – the result would be an increase of $3.00 per month per member.

Decision/Update:  Please note that an announcement will be made when all the estimates have come in and cost factors we’re facing.  A Special Board Meeting will be held at the POA Office that will allow members to attend.

On August 24th, we had David Poore, PE, CPESC, from West Consultants come out and take a look at our tank situation and requested options that he strongly believe we should consider.  He provided us with his report today, August 30th with his findings and suggestions.  If you’d like to take a look at the report, please click Report.

We are all in this together!

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