2019 Expectations and Results

It’s imperative that each new fiscal year – a new set of goals and expectation are created from the annual Membership Meeting, held in June.  This serves two purposes.  1.  Provides a guideline of where and how the board will proceed throughout the year while the annual assessment dictates all the costs involved.  2.  Demonstrates to the members what is to come, possibly how and when items will be accomplished, reports on how challenging these items/goals became and the actual cost that was involved.

We are 3/4 through the 2018-2019 fiscal year and a lot of expectations are in the air and steadfast progress has occurred.  Let’s start with what’s coming to what’s been completed.


Voting:  Your vote matters – in so many ways…

  • Public Utility / Selling Pine Mountain Water:  it takes 51% of all eligible voters to pass
  • Board of Directors:  Majority of Member’s votes
  • IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604: Majority of Member’s votes
  • Online Voting:  Majority of the Board of Directors
  • Property Management Company:  Majority of the Board of Directors

In an effort to help members understand the details of “Selling Pine Mountain Water” – a detailed article has been provided.

Results of the Board’s Pre-Set Goals:

  1. By-Laws were updated and approved.
  2. Front Entrance Flag poles have all been removed.  New ones purchased – just waiting for nicer weather to install.
  3. Front Entrance Mailboxes expansion – thanks to many – we have new mailboxes purchased, one installed, roof line extended and gutters added.  If you’re in need of a mailbox – please contact Connelly Springs Post Office.
  4. Front Entrance Clean-up:  removal of old gate mechanisms.
  5. New policies and guidelines have been written and approved:  Collections Policy, Employee Handbook and Covenant & Rule Enforcement Policy.  Others waiting for final approval are: Definition Booklet, Board of Directors Instructional Guide, Environmental Control Guidelines and the creation of Renter Guidelines.  These policies will be available on this site as soon as possible.
  6. Keys – with the changing of POA personnel, the loss of keys and the amount of craziness associated with the keys… we’ve been setting up a standardization and lock replacement in an effort to set-up control and the ability to find a key when you need one.
  7. Collections.  Stronger emphasis has been given to all the members who have fallen behind in making payments.  If you find yourself in a financial situation that couldn’t be helped, please contact the Board so a payment plan structure can be created to make it a win-win situation.  Otherwise, folks that have been lacking in the area of providing payments will find themselves in a situation where a lien or foreclosure has been attached to their property.
  8. Public Utility.  Nothing like applying for another extension to our application so we don’t upset the big guys at the state public utility commission’s office.

While all the above mentioned items were on the 2018-2019 Board of Director’s list – each month there seemed to be a new batch of ’emergency’ situations as a result of either lack of funds or neglect.  These items included:

  1. Vehicles and equipment in need of repair, tires and general maintenance.
  2. POA Office heating and air condition – due to lack of routine maintenance, the motor stopped working and we were told if we waited any longer – the whole building could have burnt down.
  3. Pump house and water issues on the North Ridge not supplying water to the tank.
  4. Multiple water leaks on Tallow Tree and Holly Rd
  5. Removal of large fallen trees due to high winds and storms.
  6. Main and Side security gates had to have extensive repairs and/or replacements.
  7. Property Management Company.  With the loss of all the POA employees … this gave the Board an opportunity to find out what really happens behind the scenes of our administration and maintenance offices.  We’ve created a more extensive listing of reliable contractors and volunteers to handle our maintenance requirements and the true acknowledgement of it takes more than one part-time person to properly handle everything in the office.  We can hire a property management company to do more for less funds.  Sounds like a win-win.

I can only hope that with each listed item above, you realize that these items are not as easy as they may seem on paper.

If you can help out or lend a hand from time to time to ease the burden of others, you assistance is always welcome.


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