Sale of Pine Mountain Water

While I have not read it in its entirety yet, I’ve elected to provide you with a copy of a  letter from Old North State Water Co. that discusses our water:  11-19-19 Ltr Old North State Water

I’m placing this 2019 Undated Water System Review document here for you.

The below information was published in February 2019:

Pine Mountain Property Owners Association, Inc. has been able to support the association and all that resides within the boundaries of Pine Mountain since the beginning.  Then due to a dispute a few years ago – the only way to solve the problem was for Pine Mountain POA, Inc. to become its own Public Utility company continuing to serve the Pine Mountain community.

The Public Utility Application started in 2016 under the help of the Public Staff (who helps ensure the application is complete and utility rates are reasonable.)  Starting last year, the NC Utilities Commission and Public Staff decided that – in the interest of Pine Mountain POA, Inc. – it would be best if we ‘sold’ our water/sewer infrastructure to a company that is acquainted with all the details, licensures, training, employees, requirements, etc. of running a utility company.  Simply put: Pine Mountain isn’t truly qualified to manage their own water/sewer supply system as a public utility company.

It was through the Public Staff office that we met with water/sewer companies that are interested in obtaining and including Pine Mountain as one of their communities.  These companies are:  Carolina Water Service and Old North State Water Company/Envirolink: Water, Wastewater & Public Works Management.

Update:  Carolina Water Service’s President has left the company and they are now undergoing a reorganization throughout the company.  Therefore, they have removed their name from the list of considerations.  All references to Carolina Water Service has been removed from this page.

As some of you may know, James and James Environmental Management Inc. has been managing our water/sewer system for a number of years.  Rumor has it, James and James (husband and wife team) are going through a divorce and due to undecidable decisions – the court has told them to sell their company.  It looks like Envirolink will be that company.

What this means:

  1. Available 24/7 – that means they will each have someone available to answer your call if you have a problem with your water or sewage system.
  2. Each residence will have an electronic water meter installed for their home.  Townhouses will have water/sewer meters.  If you do not pay your bill on time, they do not have to come out to turn it off, they can do that in their office.  Each residence will be responsible for paying for their own meter through the company.
  3. All POA (office, maintenance, pro-shop, guard house, etc.) owned buildings will have water/sewer meters installed.
  4. Billing:  Only meters will be billed for water and wastewater services.  This means if you have your own well or water source – you will not be included in their service, therefore, you will not be billed for any expansions, repairs or improvements.  If your property is not hooked up to POA water and you do not have a meter, you will not be billed for any expenses until you are tapped in.

Old North State/Envirolink: Water, Wastewater & Public Works Management:  Corporate office in North Carolina with approximately 35 communities across the state.

  • Will pay Pine Mountain for each tap established.  This means as Pine Mountain grows and a new tap is created, the POA will receive funds for that tap.  The amount is unknown at this time.
  • Response time:  with individual living as close as Hickory, the response time can be as soon as 15-20 minutes for an emergency.
  • All repairs and improvements to Pine Mountain’s water/sewer system will be divided and shared to all the communities owned by Old North State.

Our current extension to the Utilities Commission and Public Staff is April 15, 2019 – but due to the complexity of the situation, this date will be extended, yet again.

We must vote prior to completion of any ‘sale’ process – we need a minimum of 51% of all eligible voters to vote.

Map of Pine Mountain – that shows all things water and sewer:  (This map is a direct result of identifying all water and sewer lines, equipment, treatment plant, etc. located on or about Pine Mountain – a reference used in the application to becoming a Public Utility.) Pine-Mountain-Map-for-Website

As discussed briefly during the July 14, 2018 Board meeting – we are working diligently in completing the North Carolina Utilities Commission Application that will allow Pine Mountain, POA, Inc. to become an official Public Utility company.  This process is not and has not been an easy road to follow – all the information has to be verified and justified in our submission.  Anyone who would like to view the document, may do so by clicking Application.  Please note — the POA office will not entertain questions, answers and/or comments of any nature by our general members population.  This document and all it’s exhibits and/or attachments will be scrutinized by the Public Staff and all the lawyers in between.  Once we are approved, an update will be provided.

What we’re facing handling our own water supply system:

  1. Pump house and water issues on the North Ridge not supplying water to the tank.
  2. Multiple water leaks on Tallow Tree and Holly Rd
  3. Our water issues cannot be ignored any longer.  Our system is over 40 years old and has received little to no regular maintenance or preventive maintenance on all electrical or moving parts.  This has put us in an ’emergency’ situation more than once with high dollar costs.

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2 Responses to Sale of Pine Mountain Water

  1. Question. If we are going to pay for water and sewer which is included in our POA DUES. Now Then will the dues be reduced to reflect that. Also what kind of price are we looking at for the cost of a meter and the installation of the meter….

  2. You will only assist other property owners in paying for the POA water/sewer bill. Each property owner will be responsible for paying their own water and/or water/sewer bill provided by the company that takes it over. Property owners will no longer be billed water availability, water or water/sewer or anything associated to the infrastructure of water/sewer to the POA. Yes, that means that portion of your association dues will disappear from your billing structure.

    Meters and meter installation will be billed directly to the homeowner. I understand this cost could be less than $200 made in a payment plan to the water management company within their payment structure.

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