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Pine Mountain, for years, has only billed certain pieces of property with “Water Available, Sewer Available, Water Maintenance and Sewer Maintenance” charges.   Because only a limited number of lots have been charge, the funds acquired cannot extend themselves to pay for the damages we’ve seen to our water and sewer systems.

Things have to change – for the betterment of the community.  As you can see below, in the excerpts from our governing documents … every Lot/Unit of Pine Mountain property is required to pay for water and sewer systems costs (maintenance, improvements, operation, taxes and other expenses).  This does not mean that Lots and Units of Pine Mountain that do not use either water or sewer system must pay for water or sewer usage…only Lots and Units that do.

This will be part of the discussion scheduled for the October 2017 Board Meeting.  If you have questions – you can either send them in early or wait until the meeting.

Covenants and Restrictions, Part 5, Protective and Restrictive Covenants and Conditions, Article I, Section 2.

Water System and Charges. When the Association makes its water system available to any Unit of PML Property, Owner shall connect to the same for water supply purposes and shall utilize no alternative water system.  In such event, Owner shall, as a condition of the approval of his plans and specifications for construction, pay to the Association the water connection fee then in effect as established by the North Carolina Utilities Commission.  Water use rates shall be established by the North Carolina Utilities Commission under and pursuant to the North Carolina Public Utilities Law.

Covenants and Restrictions, Part 2, Article I, Water System and Sewer System

It shall be the obligation of the Association to construct the water system and sewer system beyond that initially constructed by Developer and the entire water system and sewer system will be a part of the Common Properties.  The Association shall be the sole judge, as to the time when the water system and sewer system shall be extended from time to time.  The Association will construct and extend water and sewer to Village Clusters sold by Developer and will extend water to other Units of PML Property sold by Developer at the earliest practicable time after such sales.  It is contemplated that Lots restricted to residential use will not require service by a central sewer system but shall be served by individual septic tanks to be installed by Owners.

The Association shall not be obligated to extend the central sewer system to Lots restricted to residential use.  As other categories of subdivided properties are added to PML Properties, the Association shall determine, based upon feasibility of extension of services, which Properties shall have water services only and which shall have both water and sewer service; provided, however, that this may be subject to change or modification in the event of contrary requirements by a local State or Federal agency having jurisdiction of the same.  The cost of the construction of extensions, maintenance, capital improvements, operation, taxes, and other expenses incident to the water system and sewer system, and operation of each, shall be paid from assessments against each Unit of PML Property as herein provided, and from charges made for furnishing such service.  It is specifically provided that neither the water service nor the sewer service will be furnished to the general public.  Such water service and sewer service will be limited to Owners, as herein defined, the Developer, and other properties within the PML Properties.

In the event the water system or the sewer system are extended to property not constituting a Unit of PML Property, the owner of the property to which the system or systems are extended shall pay the Association the actual cost of extending the same.

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