Identified Problem Areas

As we all know, when inspection teams identify problems – these areas must be addressed within a reasonable amount of time or we could lose their service or face fines.

Pine Mountain property that is insured through Watson Insurance Agency, Inc. recently conducted an inspection of our Guard Shack, POA Office building and the maintenance areas for both POA and Golf Course.

Inspection Results:

  1. The storage of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals in the maintenance building should be improved.  The chemicals should be secured (locked building or room keep building closed and locked when not in use, neatly organized, stored off the floor and arranged/separated based on compatibility.  Also a sign (Danger Pesticide Storage) should be posted on all sides of the building so that the Fire Department is aware of the danger within the building.  The pesticide manufacturer can assist in this matter.
  2. Some general deterioration in building conditions were noted.  The building soffits/eaves are leaking and deteriorating/rotted in some areas.  Also, significant water damage and mold was noted to the interior of the pump house located closest to the main entrance of the property.  The eaves, gutters, spouts and roof areas should be inspected and repaired where needed to prevent water leakage and further structural damage.  Damaged noted to building #2 (office/maintenance garage) and building #3 (guardhouse).  Attention to these items will help reduce the possibility of further building damage.  It is suggested that, at least annually, a building inspection be done by ownership/management and that building upkeep issues be addressed.
  3. There are some general electrical issues noted on the property at the time of the survey.  There were missing covers noted to circuit breaker boxes within the pump house near the entrance into the property.  Also, some knockouts are missing in your circuit breaker panels (maintenance section and guardhouse), leaving an opening in the panel which exposes the circuitry.  This creates a potential for both an electrical shock hazard and a fire hazard.  Snap-in metal or plastic blanks are available and should be installed to cover the openings.  Also, there was an open junction box at the exterior soffit of the maintenance section of building #2.  A qualified electrician should review the electrical installation, replace faceplates where needed, and properly install covers on panels.  Work should be done to state and local building codes.  This will help reduce the possibility of fire.

We must take action on all these identified items and respond accordingly.

Some items are quick and easy fixes while others require investigating for the cost of maintenance and materials.

We have a lot of talented individuals within Pine Mountain and it would definitely bring costs down if we could team up home/landowners – schedule a date/time and fix these issues.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Identified Problem Areas

  1. Elma Pace says:

    Hopefully, we can start restoring our assets. This is the kind of information the members needs! Thank you, Wanda!

  2. K.D. Hovis says:

    If homeowners are doing the work then we must cut costs on maintenance payroll.

    This lack of quality is unacceptable in any business.
    My partner KW and other neighbors have been doing volunteer work for yrs here.

    Thank you Wanda for informing homeowners who pay the bills here.

    Past presidents and some board members have not shared info that we have a RIGHT to know!

    One past president was PERSONALLY offended and attacked anyone who questioned him about what employees were doing.

    Thats in the past – I am optimistic! We have needed this for YEARS! THANK YOU!

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