Board of Directors

Each year come Spring, expect to see information being passed out about an up and coming election process.

Under normal circumstances, along with your March dues invoices, you should receive a ballot along with bios of everyone that is interested in participating in the next board election process.  Please pay attention to these bios, vote wisely and send in your ballot!

With the 2018/2019 fiscal year quickly coming – start thinking about who you’d like to see as Board Members for coming year.  Keep in mind Board’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying all problem areas involving the Pine Mountain community.
  • Create a new Assessment that deals with true costs to operating Pine Mountain.
  • Create a new budget based on the new Assessment.
  • Put into place North Carolina General Statute laws specifically designed for communities such as Pine Mountain.
  • Review and update, where necessary, the governing Covenants and Restrictions and By-Laws.
  • Create operating procedures for all facets of Pine Mountain.
  • Identify all items that have been approved by previous boards but never followed through to their completion.
  • Answer questions, queries and respond to all legal matters.
  • Last but not least, improve the overall appearance of Pine Mountain and hopefully improve relationships with surrounding communities.

Current Board Members (2017/2018)

  • President:  Wanda Merical
  • Vice President:  David Lankford
  • Secretary:  Edie Stitt
  • Treasurer:
  • Hal Abernathy
  • John Horton
  • Valerie Kratzer

Ballots are due to go out sometime around April – providing you with an opportunity to review those that are interested in sitting on the board.

If you’d like to put your hat in the box and take a chance… start putting together your Board Resume.  Resumes should include:

  • What can and will you do for Pine Mountain’s community
  • What experience(s) do you have that will help you fulfill your obligation

The Nomination Committee has gathered bios from all those interested in running for the 2018-2019 Board of Directors Election:

Hal Abernathy

I am 63 years young and retired with 30 years in store business and part time golf shop. I graduated from George Hildebrand High School in 1972. I live in a townhome here at Pine Mountain.  My past time is golf and enjoying the mountain. I have played Pine Mountain Golf course for 35 years. Now that I have extra time I have been helping around 20 hours a week to make the golf course more playable.

Gary Cooke

I am interested in the opportunity to be selected as board director to the Property Owners Association Board. My wife Christie and I are very passionate about Pine Mountain Estates community.

I am currently a board direction for the Lake Montonia Club. I have severed on the Kings Mountain Senior Citizens Advisory Board, Kings Mountain Business Association and North Carolina National Guard Association.  A business owner for forty-five years and twenty-two years military service.  I want to bring a positive vision and cooperation to address the Property Owners Association Board issues.

Thank You for consideration.


Gary E Cooke

John Horton

I am a relative new comer to Pine Mountain, been here since spring of 2016, but feel that it’s been a rather action packed 2 years.  I was one of the members that help organize the owner’s rebellion last year and have been on the interim board since then.  I feel that we, the new board have just begun to process of turning the mountain around after years of miss management and would really like to continue working at it.  I will be 70 this summer and plan to take a full retirement so will have more time to commit to board activities.  I can’t even begin to tell you of all the activities and decisions that I have been involved in during my tenure.  Please vote for me if you think I been doing a creditable job.

Valerie Kratzer

Hello, my name is Valerie Kratzer, I’m a wife to Scot, a mother to Erin and Drew, and a former high school teacher. We have two homes on Pine Mountain and love the beauty of this area. I’m running for a Pine Mountain Board of Director position. My goal, I want to see our mountain thrive, and be a place we are all proud to call home. I am currently on the interim board where many projects are in the works to improve our community and I would like to see them through to completion. We have worked diligently to rectify and correct the problems identified, and also those that pop up unexpectedly. We have worked to improve communications, keeping our members involved, informed, and our committees working right along side of us. Our mountain works with team involvement and we are blessed to have so many skilled experienced people on the mountain to seek advice and help, together we can correct any problems to make Pine Mountain everything we envision. I am asking for your vote in order to continue the progress here on beautiful Pine Mountain.

Thank You,

Valerie Kratzer

David W. Lankford

My name is David W. Lankford and my wife is Kim P. of whom I have been married to for over 35 years. We have four children and one granddaughter. I have over 39 years of ministerial experience. As a pastor I have purchased land and have built two churches while pastoring those two churches for a combined period of over 27 years. I have chaired as well as sat on a plethora of different committees. I also possess twelve years of experience as an itinerant Evangelist. I am the president of “The Voice of Evangelism International Ministries” which is heard worldwide. Presently we do Blog Talk Radio, World Wide Christian Radio, out of Nashville Tn. And we also host our own You – Tube channel which can be found on the internet. It is my heart’s desire to see this mountain returned to a place of joy and placidity. This effort is truly possible with the proper leadership.

Wanda Merical

Tommy’s Trail

Pine Mountain is a community-based non-profit that is required to care for and manage common areas as well as follow local, state and federal laws that govern associations such as ours.

Retired AF (24 years), business owner (W.Merical, Inc. & Dr.Wanda) and a Pine Mountain resident since March 2015

Pine Mountain Interim Board of Directors President 2017-2018.  To view all the accomplishment of this Board, please go to:

Pine Mountain Committees:  Publicity (Communications) Committee Chair.  Started the new Welcome Committee (Meet Thy Neighbor).  Member of the Golf Committee and Community Firewise Committee.

Created:  Pine Mountain’s website:, & Pine Mountain’s Facebook page, designed both Pine Mountain Golf and POA’s mass e-Newsletter and marketing materials (brochures, business cards, rack cards, “Thank You” cards (postcards), gift certificates and signs for the Golf Course and the POA office.

Education:  BSW (Bachelor’s degree in Social Work) and Doctor of Holistic Health; Certified Small Business and Personal Life Coach.

For a complete bio – visit or

Edie Stitt
Pine Mountain resident for 23 years.
Board of Directors Secretary 2013-14; Interim Board Secretary 2017-18.
Security Committee Chairperson 2014-15. Firewise and Welcome Committee Member 2017-18.
Business owner. Experience in data, report writing/editing, budgets, developing processes and procedures, quality control, legal support, and a thorough understanding of how HOAs are to function in NC. Current Candidate for Burke County Commissioner.
Actively volunteering to ensure that the PMPOA IS the Membership’s business.

Edward Yackenovich

Retired, successful business owner for 35 years in several industries, most recently in real estate and construction services. My job skills and previous experience/s will support Pine Mountain’s Community in several ways.

As a Pine Mountain board member, I will fulfill my obligation by providing support to the community by active involvement at board meetings and hands on efforts on assigned projects by providing advice, research, recommendations and oversight on community issues and projects. In addition, I will offer my time and efforts to work with the community on big and small community projects.

I would be a substantial board member and work to involve community members in projects by soliciting feedback on community projects. Ultimately, I will conduct research on assigned projects before making recommendations on long lasting economical solutions that will be in the collective best interest of the community

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  1. K.D. Hovis says:

    Sounds amazing! Wish the interim board was for 2 years as you all have a LOT of work to do! Work that has been ignored for years!

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