Mid-Year Review 2017-2018

Every business has an annual review of their employees and I strongly believe HOA style communities should do the same – not only with their employees but with the Board as well.  I’m taking this moment to go through all the Member’s Interest items identified in both Special Members Meetings held in 2017.

This list has been condensed down – so you will not see duplicated items nor are they identified to each individual meeting.  To go a step further – each item has been placed inside a category:  Completed, In-Progress, Awaiting Funds, Still Open or Requires a Member’s Vote.

Last but not least – a listing of all items, in priority sequence, the Board is working on.  Some of these items are not included in the Members Identified listings.

Completed Action Items:

  • Old Golf Carts in trees next to the parking lot – these carts were removed.  Currently, there are three new carts near the trees awaiting an oil change.
  • Provide all Property Owners a copy of the current C&Rs.  All governing documents can be found on both websites:  PineMountainNC.com and PineMountainNew.com.
  • Delinquent Members / Collection Committee:  The Collection’s Committee has been dissolved thus preventing neighbors from knowing their fellow neighbor’s personal financial business.  A new Collection Policy has been created describing all required action to be taken against delinquent members through the POA Office and the Board of Directors.  Several letters were recently mailed out to our current delinquent members with scheduled Hearing dates/times – the first step according to NCGS 47f-3-107.1.
  • Budget / Assessment:  Jim Sayball spent several weeks putting together a new Budget & Assessment to cover January 1st through June 30th.  An action that could not be approved of by previous non-quorum boards.  Be prepared – Jim will start this process again in March for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.  (Side Note:  If you are a Committee Chair and you expect to have an expense during the upcoming year – make sure you submit your estimated expenses to Jim Sayball NLT March’s Board Meeting.
  • Password Website:  Members requested a “Password Protected” site where secure information could be passed around evenly and effectively.  Please see our Members Only page.
  • Yellow Lines on Roads:  It was requested the yellow paint on our road system be repainted due to fading.  This action has been completed.
  • Dead Trees:  While the identified dead trees had been taken care of, there is a whole new array of dead trees.  All we can do is handle this issue as it comes up.


  • Review all governing documents / Create Updates.  We have established which ones we can immediately update (By-Laws) and which ones require 2/3 approval from our voting members.  In order to provide updated changes to the documents that will allow 1 Member = 1 Vote — we must first remove all non-Members from our voting pool (Collections Policy).  We have also been advised to not hit all the members with all the changes at one time – this could cause confusion.
  • Handbooks/Manuals/Policies:  Currently in the creation phase is a Pine Mountain Member’s Handbook and under revision is the Pine Mountain Employee Handbook/Policy Manual (which will contain Employee Job Descriptions).  Others are being considered but it’s too early to discuss.
  • Pine Mountain Wide Inventory:  Currently the POA Office & Golf Pro Shop have completed inventories.  POA Maintenance inventory is near completion.

Awaiting Funding:

  • Water Tower Repair
  • Sewer Infrastructure Repair
  • Road Care
  • Mailboxes – we need more mailboxes at our front entrance to ensure all Pine Mountain residents can receive their mail here.

Open Items:  (action dates unknown)

  • Village Commons – separate to be combined
  • Public Utility – we have taken all the action we can – awaiting to hear from legal sources.
  • Classes – Teach our governing documents to members.

Board’s Open Items Listing:

While it may seem, at a glance, these items are listed in a priority style sequence.  It’s very difficult to list their actual importance in this format.

  1. Delinquent Hearings
  2. Conjoining Lots
  3. 2nd Tee
  4. Annual Inventory
  5. Separate (financially-physically) POA funds from Golf funds
  6. Accepting property returned to the POA – for various reasons
  7. Electronic Voting
  8. Tax Laws: to discover ways to lower our annual property taxes
  9. Correct all Insurance Inspection findings
  10. Handbooks & Policies
  11. Mailboxes
  12. DOT signs from I-40 to our front entrance to advertise our Golf Course
  13. Water Tower / Sewage Infrastructure
  14. Beaver problem
  15. Digitalize POA paper files
  16. Flag Poles – currently have 9, only one in use – remove a minimum of 6 in the trees and cannot be used.
  17. New PM Logo – new vision, new logo
  18. Real Estate sales – provide a minimum of 4 PM properties to our resident real estate salesperson, Catherine Frank.

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