2018 Annual Members Meeting

In an effort to recap the Pine Mountain’s 2018 Annual Membership Meeting to everyone who was unable to make it…

The meeting opened with a moment of silence to send prayers to families who have lost loved ones and send healing prayers to those in need.

2018-06-09 Monthly – Annual Membership Meeting

  • The Board provided a copy of FY 2017-2018 Board Actions to all members indicating the concerns of the members throughout FY 2017-2018.  This document shows in the left column the Members Concerns and the Board Actions in the right column.
  • Annual reports were provided by all Committee Chairs present.
  • The Election Outcome was announced – FY 2018-2019 Board Members.  Based on the number of votes determined the number of years each member would be seated on the Board – to restart staggering elections:
    • Hal Abernathy, 2-years
    • Gary Cooke, 1-year
    • John Horton, 2-years
    • Valerie Kratzer, 3-years
    • David Lankford, 1-year
    • Wanda Merical, 3-years
    • Edie Stitt, 3-years
  • The Board voted on Officers the the new year:
    • President:  Wanda Merical
    • Vice-President:  David Lankford
    • Secretary:  Edie Stitt
    • Treasurer:  John Horton
  • Committees were cleared to start fresh for FY 2018-2019.
  • Closed out FY 2017-2018

Closed Board meeting – Opened Annual Membership Meeting

  • Establish New Committees:  No one person can be Chair of more than one committee.  Each committee requires a minimum of 3 persons.  Suggest combining Welcome, Recreation and Publicity Committees to form one Committee called: Social Committee.
  • Communication:  How to improve?  This was opened to the floor for discussion.
    • Use Phonevite more (majority present approved)
    • Use Bulletin Board more
  • Member’s Concerns, Questions & Comments:  (26 Members in Attendance)
    • Real Estate Committee:  Review lots that can be combined/conjoined to create a lot(s) that would entice sales.
    • Post Agenda’s 2-3 days before meetings
    • Clean out old books/files
    • Identify delenquencies
    • Roads – do more preventive maintenance
    • Entrance to Pine Mountain:  Clean-up the area, fill-in potholes, suggested removing the zig-zag rock wall and repurposing the rocks to decorate the Gate House and gate areas.  (Wall removal vote:  12 yes; 3 no)
    • Front Entrance to Pine Mountain:  Clean-up ponds and remove dead trees along the road sides.
    • Suggestion:  Donate a Tree in memory of a loved one.
    • Remove weeds
    • Wards Gap Rd and Entrance:  Clear sight to oncoming traffic
    • Create a Beautification Committee:  Received 12 votes
    • Put a lien on 2nd Tee
    • Fees/Fines:  What can be done to correct neighbor’s property?
    • Schedule a Collection for residential lot clean-up of wood for chipping – want an annual schedule so members know in advance.
    • Find a solution to Members not being allowed telephone land lines.

Next Board Meeting July 14, 10am, POA Office

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