Board and POA Accomplishments 2018-2019

It’s an amazement on how fast a year can go by.  But let’s take a look and review all the things that have happened in this past year:  (All things considered, it’s been a win-win for Pine Mountain.)

  1. Standardization of Policies and Governing through the creation, update and enforcement of the following documents:
    • By-Laws – updated
    • Collections Policy – created
    • Covenant & Rule Enforcement Policy – created
    • Employee Handbook – updated
    • Definition Booklet – created
    • Board of Directors Instructional Guide – created
    • Environmental Control Guidelines – created
  2. Review and canceling of all unnecessary POA expenses.  This action alone has decreased expenditures dramatically.
  3. Pine Mountain Finances:  Through strict scrutiny and watchful eyes, the Board has managed to pay for the materials our Maintenance Committee used to complete all their repairs and upgrades; inspect, repair and replace parts and tires needed for our vehicles and equipment; provide the required training our volunteers needed to operate our equipment properly; file charges to our delinquent members; provide needed parts, motors, supplies and equipment to repair our failing water system; and more while not having to extract any funds from our CD account in over a year.
  4. Association vehicles and equipment has undergone extensive maintenance checks, new tires, repairs, set up of preventive maintenance checks, inspections, cleaned up and cleaned out.  Employees and volunteers received safety training on equipment for continued proper use of equipment.  For example, our chipper had not been used for approximately 7-years – the equipment was repaired and selected individuals have been property and officially trained in the operations – so the chipper is now in full use.
  5. Our Maintenance and Construction Committee and Firewise Committee have really stepped up the plate in bringing an endless supply of gratitude to the Mountain.
    • Our Maintenance Committee has repaired the bridge closest to the Pro Shop, the Pump House on the Golf Course, replaced the roof on the GateHouse, installed the new mailbox and extended the roofline, filled potholes in the front entrance area, and much more.
    • The Firewise Committee has organized and orchestrated Mountain-wide major clean-ups (for residents to collect any/all debris from trimming trees, storm damage, yard clean-up) to designated drop zones allowing the Firewise and Maintenance Committees to chip the debris into much-needed mulch.
  6.  The Firewise Committee has been awarded a $500 grant in the NFPA, Wildfire Community Preparedness Day sponsored by State Farm.  The Committee is discussing the purchase of equipment that can be used that will assist the Association in maintaining our new standard in Wildfire Protectiveness.
  7. Under our Strict Collection Policy and the update in our By-Laws, procedures are now in operation to collect long-overdue delinquencies.  In the past year, it has been estimated almost $100k has been recovered.  These funds have been used to bring our equipment into good operation order, repair our water lines, repair state identified shortcomings, etc.
  8. Reorganization of POA Office files and office use.  It was discovered we have several years of unnecessary kept files.  A plan has been established to destroy all sensitive documents that are no longer necessary, scan and electronic file all required and necessary papers and blueprints, ensure all tax-related documents are kept, documents are now being filed according to subject/topic (water/sewer, vehicles, equipment, taxes, legal, etc.) and new files have been created on each member so their documentation is not mixed up with property documentation.
  9. New maps have been purchased and are now located in the front conference area.
  10. Pine Mountain Trails started a major clean-up by volunteers to use not only as an amenity but also as a break for fire protection.
  11. New Golf Carts are now on a lease to own basis.  Golf Shop has established organized cart maintenance, rotation of carts, routine oil changes and more.
  12. Pine Mountain has 31 Fire Hydrants – it has been discovered – not all hydrants are in proper working order.  Pine Mountain will be working with South Mountains Fire & Rescue to flush, inspect and do pressure testing on all our hydrants.
  13. Additional Mailboxes for residents:  With special Thanks to both Fred Waugh and Scott Kratzer we now have additional mailboxes available.  Thanks to our Maintenance Committee for extending the roofline to cover our new additions.
  14. Flag Poles at the Entrance:  With the help of our Maintenance Committee, employees and volunteers – the original 9 flag poles have been removed from the tree lines and in front of the mailboxes.  Three New flag poles have been purchased by members to be placed next to one another in front of the mailboxes to hold the American Flag, North Carolina State Flag, and the new Pine Mountain Flag.
  15. Property Management Company – Cedar Management Group has been hired to manage and take care of all things dealing with money (assessments, dues collection, bill paying, etc.) effective April 1st.  Members will receive letters of explanation, expectations, and procedures in the next month.
  16. Pine Mountain Road Signs:  Through the help of donations and volunteers and employees, Pine Mountain now has new signs (stop, yield, caution, s-curves, etc.) and added reflectors in required areas.
  17. Sewer Treatment River Bank:  Pine Mountain received an inspection and a deadline by the State to stop the erosion of White Oak Creek – putting fish in harm’s way.  One of our residents discovered DOT was digging up large stones that were free for the taking – allowing our Maintenance Committee to gather as many stones as we could carry to put an end to the land erosion.  This act has been extremely successful.

We have had an extremely busy year – but it’s also been a very satisfying year.  We have managed to set goals, set priorities and make things happen faster, easier and better.

I feel proud to say that I was part of this and a member, owner, and resident of Pine Mountain.  Forever and always “Glad to be here!!!”


President 2017-2019

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An avid learner of life through travel and experiences.
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2 Responses to Board and POA Accomplishments 2018-2019

  1. Kim says:

    Thank you so much for all the research, time and effort Wanda. We are thankful for the difference you have made at PMPOA! Enjoy your time in Europe!

  2. Rick Tuman says:

    I have been a property owner for almost 40 years and I have watched the value of my lot depreciate to the point where paying anymore assessments would be pouring money down the drain.
    What I have seen done over the years is:

    Close the hotel
    Close Resturant
    Close the golf course

    What has been done:

    The board has allowed the property fall under dis-repair and everyone now has lost value while at the same time RAISE POA fees so the undeveloped property owners are paying a greater share of cost and NOT using any of the facilities and now I am expected to pay yearly POA fees equal to or close to value of the lot selling in the open market.
    The rest of NC properties have tripled in value if not higher while PINE MOUNTAIN has lost 80% of its value
    It is my believe that the undeveloped property owners are paying to subsidize the cost to the residents.
    I had great expectations to living and enjoying my retirement years on the mountain all lost to poor management over the years-please explain

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