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When you first arrived to Pine Mountain, you were asked to fill out a Contact Information Form that would provide the POA Office with all the necessary information of who you are, where you live and best way to contact you.  More often than not, these forms were handed to you – requesting you fill it out and bring it back.  Unfortunately, the form never made it back to the office.

The results?  When members are sent correspondence (billing, newsletters, voting information, ballots, etc.) – mail was being returned to the office, unopened and no place to go.  While this may have been acceptable in the past … we can no longer operate this way.

Help Us, Help You:

Member & resident contact information forms have been revised/updated, based on the POA compliance requirements.  For your convenience, you can now fill out these forms in an online PDF fillable format.  To complete your part, fill it in, print it out and either mail it or drop it off at the office.

  1. Member Contact Form:  2019 Member Contact and Vehicle Information Sheet
  2. Tenant Contact Form:  2019 Rental-Tenant Contact and Vehicle Information Form
  3. Company/Agency Contact Form:  2019 Company-Agency Contact Information Form

You may ask “why do these forms require so much information” – North Carolina governing documents, old and new Pine Mountain policies and property management company’s requirements – all require us to know who you are, what property you own, where you live, how to contact you, etc.

Member & Company-Agency Contact Forms Explained

Top Section:  

Pine Mountain property Section & Lot number, Name, DoB for property owners, Pine Mountain Address, mailbox information – are all self-explanatory.

Company-Agency Contact Form is a little bit different.  We need to know the name of your company or agency, the person’s name and the contact information of who is the Point of Contact for that company/agency.

Military Service:

We honor and appreciate our military associated members!  Please when filling this section out, do not include your SSN.  We understand the military is moving away from posting SSNs on ID card and going back to Service Numbers.

Contact Information:

Mailing/Billing addresses, telephone, cell phone and email address – all self-explanatory.

Correspondence Preference: 

How do you prefer to receive your information/correspondence?  Through the post or email.  Our goal is to cut down cost of paper, envelopes, stamps, etc.  Therefore, if you’re willing to receive your correspondence through email, it saves Pine Mountain time and money.

Pine Mountain Emergency Contact:

We never know when something will go wrong, but if it does – this information is vital in a time of crisis.

Member’s Signature:

By signing this form, you are verifying all the information contained within the form is true and accurate.

Statement:  Pine Mountain Member:

Have you ever wondered if you are actually a Pine Mountain member?  This paragraph provides you with an explanation of what it takes to be a Member.

Vehicle Information:

Do these directives require us to know what you drive?  No, but if your vehicle is:

  • Left in the wrong area
  • Parked on the road
  • Creating obstruction
  • Has expired tags and registration
  • Breaking a State, County or Pine Mountain law and/or policy

We will have it towed at your expense.  If the vehicle ownership can be identified and you are the owner – you will receive a courtesy call or message to move it or lose it.

Rental-Tenant Contact & Vehicle Information Form

If you are renting property from a Pine Mountain Member, we need to know who you are, where you live, who your landlord is, your emergency contact information and vehicle information (all for the same reasons as mentioned above in the Member Contact & Vehicle Information Sheet).

The additional information, included in this form include where to find our governing documents, Member’s Handbook and definitions of membership.

The requirement is the same.  Fill out the form, print it and either mail it or drop it off at the POA Office.

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