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Welcome to Pine Mountain News article section.

We represent a small gated community, next to the South Mountain State Park, called Pine Mountain POA, Inc. located in Burke County, NC.  It seems there’s a lot of Pine Mountain named communities across the nation.  😉

Our resident’s age ranges from young to retired.  Some use social media for news and updates while others refuse to even own a computer much less a smartphone.  It would be difficult to provide an estimated number of residents since most of them have 4 legs and live amongst the trees.  😉

We are covered in the beauty that Mother Nature provides – Each season is a wonder!

Purpose of Pine Mountain News:  To provide additional, detailed information to Pine Mountain Estates Members with important up-to-date information that is either too large or cannot wait for our quarterly newsletter.  Information pages that are for Member’s eyes only are password protected.  Members can contact the POA Office for the password.

Each news article will allow the reader’s comments at the bottom.  Comments will not require pre-approval before publication.

Thank you for joining us at PineMountainNews.com.

Members:  It is not my intent to drown your email address with constant news and updates about the happenings on Pine Mountain… my goal is to provide you with up-to-date information that is important to each and every “member” of Pine Mountain that is too large for our quarterly newsletter.  Some pages are designed for Pine Mountain Member’s eyes only, therefore those pages require a password.  To obtain the current password, please contact our Association Office.

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